Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Eight

So God did not forget Noah and his clan
He had in fact a divine plan
Over the earth he sent a strong breeze
And so the waters began to decrease
The springs of the deep,
Had returned to their sleep
Heavens flood gates were totally closed
Stopping the rain that for forty days had been imposed
The water receded in a steady pace
Getting to dry land was not a race
After one hundred and fifty days
The water had gone down quite a ways
And then on the 17th of the 7th the ark came to rest
On Mount Ararat's comfortable crest
Right up to the tenth month, the waters went down
Until from outside the ark they saw something brown
The peaks of the mountains were clearly seen
The scene before them, colours of brown and green

Forty days went by and Noah opened up a window wide
Hoping to see the turning of the tide
So he sent out a raven to glide
And glide it did back and forth, looking for somewhere to abide
Until the water had dried up from the earth
And the planet was rejoicing in its new birth
He then sent a dove to see if the waters had gone from the ground
But alas, not a place like this could anywhere be found
So the dove to Noah did return
For the moment its quest for land it had to adjourn
Seven days later, the dove returned to its quest
This was done at Noah's behest
When the dove returned that very night
It had an olive leaf held in its bite
Noah knew then the waters had come all the way down
It was almost time to celebrate and no longer frown
Noah did wait another seven days
Then let the dove go on its way
This time the dove wherever it flew did stay

So on the 1st day of the 1st month of year six hundred and one
The land had dried up with the help of the sun
Noah removed the covering of the ark
It was like coming out of the dark
Noah could see, he didn't need to be a professional spy
That all around the ark the ground was completely dry

Then God spoke to Noah, let's leave the ark you and your clan,
All the animals as well, come and be a part of my ground plan
Don't think about it, it's not something you think you can try
Just go out and do it, be fruitful and multiply
So Noah and his family all came out
One by one the animals walked without doubt

Then Noah built an altar to the Lord
Sacrificing clean animals and birds according to God's word
On the altar he sacrificed a burnt offering to his God
The Lord smelt the aroma and said in his heart,
Even though these humans are evil right from the very start
That every inclination of their heart is off the chart
In every aspect of their own life's song
They are in every respect totally wrong
I will never again destroy all creatures as here I have done
Of this flood you will never see a rerun

As long as the earth does endure
Of these things you can be sure
Seed-time and harvest time
Will continue in fine rhyme
Cold and heat, summertime and the winter season
Continuing on and on, there need be no special reason
Day time and Night time never ever ceasing
Staying the same, neither decreasing, or increasing

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