Sunday, January 22, 2012

Genesis: Chapter Fourteen

At the time in Shinar when Amraphel was king,
He was not the only one who was administrating
There was Arioch who was Ellasar’s king
And others of whom we could sing
We could tell of Kedorlaomer, Elam’s king
And whilst we are in the midst of acknowledging
We should name Tidal, Goyim’s king,
All of these kings united together to try and set up a sting,
This operation ‘sting’ was against Bera Sodom’s king.
He’s not the only one they wanted to zing
There was also Birsha Gomorrah’s king
Who they really did want to sling
And Shinab, Admah’s king
A few hits against him they wanted to swing
Also there was Shemeber, Zeboyim’s king
They would have loved to give him more than a bee sting
And then Bella’s king.  This king was called Zoar
He is the last one there is no more
All of these kings they wanted no one to adore
Rather with them they wanted to wipe the floor.

Now all of these latter mentioned kings
Were over being dragged along by a nose ring
They joined forces in Sidim in a valley
There aim to lead these kings into a blind alley
For twelve years they had been subject to Kedorlaomer’s power
But in year thirteen they no longer did cower
They rebelled believing it was time for freedom’s hour.

In year fourteen Kerdoralomer and his allies went out,
And several armies they did successfully rout,
Amongst these he defeated we can list
Those who could not even subsist
First the Rephaites in Ashteroth Karnaim,
This was for him a resounding win,
This is true history, and not a scam,
And so second and next to be wiped was the Zuzites in Ham,
The Emites in Shaveh Kiriathairn, could not avert defeat,
They had to admit they were beat
Next were the Horites in the hill country of Seir,
From as far as El Paran, near the desert was their lair.
They were defeated by the enemy fair and square
They then turned back and went to a place called En Mishphat
It was also known as Kadesh, you may have heard of that
All the territory of the Amelekites they did conquer over
And the Amorites living in Hazezon Tamar laid down like Rover

Then Sodom’s king,
With his army did bring
Gomorrah’s king
To join the fling
And then Admah’s king
Decided to get into the swing
With Zeboyim’s king
Into action was he ready to spring
And finally the king of Bela that is, Zoar
Marched out for battle with a mighty metaphorical roar
This is not playtime they cried this is war!
The valley of Sidim is where they drew the battle lines
Determined to show the strength of their spines
This war was to be fought against Kedorlaomer Elam’s king
This was not a fake war it was the real thing,
Added to him was Tidal Goyim’s king,
Who against his foes was admonishing
Third up was Amraphel Shinar’s king,
Who in a fight would not contemplate abstaining
Finally there was Arioch Ellasar’s king
Now the stage is all set, the battle is about to be in full swing.
Four kings versus five
An outcome you could not contrive
The valley of Sidim was covered in tar pits
And when the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah did quit
Some men fell in to these deadly pits
The rest of them ran for the hills
The consequences of their weak will’s.
These four kings did seize all of Sodom and Gomorrah’s food
And took all their goods before they finished the feud.
And since he was residing in Sodom’s land
Lot and his possessions were taken in the battle stand.
A man who had fled the scene of the battle
Felt it was his duty to go to Abram the Hebrew and tattle
Now Abram was living in the great trees of Mamre the Amrorite
He had some allies who he could count on in a fight.
They were Mamre, and Eshkol and Aner his brothers
Abram called out 318 trained men one after another
He had heard that Lot was a captive taken
And to his core was Abram in anger shaken
He had 318 trained men and a secret plan
These men were born in his household they were his clan
Abram had them cheering yes we can!
So off they chased these foes as far as the region of Dan.
During the night did Abram divided his troops ready to fight
And he routed them as they took flight
He chased them as far as Hobah,
North of Damascus really quite far
All the goods he did recover in the battles
And brought back Lot with all of his chattels
He brought back all the women and other people as well,
All the enemies he surely did quell.

After Abram had returned from his victory over the kings,
Over Kerdolaomer and the allies that he did bring
The king of Sodom paid a visit to him,
Meeting up with him in the midst of a valley,
This place was called Shaweh, and was not like a dingy alley
No indeed this was known to people as the king’s valley

Then Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought out bread and wine,
He was priest of God most high and straight down the line.
Of Abram he did speak of him
Singing praises a blessing, a victory hymn.

Blessed be Abram by the most high God
Creator of Heaven and Earth, every last sod,
And praise to the most high God, he is grand
He delivered your enemies into your hand

And Abram gave him ten percent of all
Of everything he had both great and small.

The king of Sodom said to Abram, the people let me keep
You keep all the goods have the clean sweep.

But Abram spoke to this Sodomite king,
From the depths of his heart he did sing
I swore an oath to the Lord, God most high,
Creator of heaven and earth, I must comply
I would never accept anything from you,
Not even a sandal strap or a thread would I accrue
For you will never be able to make a pitch
That it was you who made Abram rich.
I will accept nothing but what is totally fair
What my men have eaten and of the men who went with me, all of there share.
To Aner, Eshkol, And Marne you must swear
That you will give to them their entire share

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Genesis: Chapter Thirteen

So Abram took all that he had, with his wife and with Lot
Went from Egypt, and to the Negev like a shot
Abram was wealthy in livestock, having a big fold
He also had much silver and gold

And Abram moved on from the Negev, from place to place
Till he came to Bethel, and between Bethel and Ai in open space
This where his tent had been once before
And where he had built an altar to God to worship and adore
Then Abram took out his spiritual sword
And he did call on the name of the Lord

So Lot, who had came along for the ride
Also had flocks, herds and tents by his side
And the land was so crowded when they were all together
Their possessions were so great, them being together
As a realistic option was not so clever
And Abram’s herder’s were quarrelling with Lot’s
Both of them acting like their boss was the big shot
And to add to the mix, also living in the land at this time
The Canaanites and Perizzites adding up to an imperfect rhyme

So Abram went and he spoke to Lot
Wow let’s stop all this arguing it’s all just rot
We are not strangers who met in the night
We are relatives we should not fight
Isn’t the whole land right here before our eyes
Let’s part ways before things get serious and somebody dies
Abram said if you decide to go to the left
Then I’ll go right I won’t feel bereft
If you decide to go to the right
I’ll go left, I won’t put up a fight

So Lot gazed out at all he could see
Thinking what is the best land for me
He saw the whole plain of Jordan towards Zoar was watered well
Like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, it was indeed an easy sell
(Just a note to say that this was before the Lord had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
That would happen sometime after tomorrow)
 So Lot chose the whole plain of Jordan as his land
And headed east with his entire band
The two men said farewell
Parting company so they could both potentially excel
Abram in the lands of Canaan he did stay
Lot lived in the cities of the plain in his own way
He pitched his tents near the place called Sodom
These people were wicked, sinning greatly against God, this was a place you call truly call heathendom

The Lord spoke to Abram after Lot had left the nest
And he said look around you to the north, south, east and west
All the land that you can see I’m giving to you – it’s yours
For you and your offspring forever this I assure

So Abram went and near the great tree of Mamre near Hebron did he reside
There he built an altar to the Lord, he knew who was his true guide.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Genesis: Chapter Twelve

To Abram the Lord God did speak
And told him he was someone unique
Leave from your father’s house and his land
Let yourself be guided by my mighty hand

I will make you into a nation that is great
This is my doing this is not fate
I will bless you; great will be your name,
For I will be the author of your glory and fame
You will be a blessing to others as well
I will bless those who bless you that I can tell,
And I will curse those who curse you, for them not so swell
But all of the people on this earth
Will be blessed through you, making you someone of extreme worth

So Abram packed up and then he departed
As the Lord told him, to parts by Abram uncharted
His nephew Lot came along for the ride
Walking with him by his side
When Abram left Haran he was seventy and five
But he was still very much alive
He took his wife Sarai, and his nephew Lot
He also took all his possessions to the last watering pot
And all the people in Haran he had acquired
They were for his journey definitely required
To Canaan they set out on their “drive.”
And Canaan is where they would arrive

Abram travelled throughout the land
As far as the great tree of Moreh at Shechem which was grand
At that time the Canaanites were in the land
From them you would not expect a helping hand
God spoke to Abram and he said to your offspring I will give this land
He built an altar to the Lord right there in the sand
And called upon the name of the Lord with the passion of a jazz band

Then towards the Negev did Abram head
This is where he was led

Now about this time there was a famine throughout the land
Abram went to Egypt to reside for a bit because the famine had dealt him a rough hand
It across the land did expand, and for many a mile it had spanned
As he got to Egypt’s borders, he looked upon Sarai his wife
Knew she was a hottie, and was afraid for his life
So he said to her, these Egyptians will kill me if they know that you are my wife
But because of you they will spare my life
So tell them you are my sister, and not my wife
And then because of you, they will spare my life

When Abram came to Egypt, the Egyptians for Sarai found they had a soft spot
They thought she was beautiful, totally hot
And Pharaoh’s officials well to Pharaoh they praised her a lot
Until they put into action their plot
And into the palace Sarai they did slot
For her sake they treated Abram as if he were a sire
And sheep, cows, camels, donkeys, and servants did Abram acquire

Because Sarai was placed to be Pharaoh’s spouse
The Lord did inflict diseases on Pharaoh and his entire house
Pharaoh said to Abram, what’s going down, this aint grouse
Why did you tell me she’s my sister and make me a louse
I took her, so that I could make her my spouse,
Now take her, and nick off, please depart
And Pharaoh gave orders to help Abram get a kick-start
They packed him up, and sent him off right quick smart
Quicker than you could shoot a dart
It really was a finely executed piece of fine art