Thursday, February 24, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Four

Adam and Eve they had sexual relations
For at least one of God's commands they did give affirmation
Eve became pregnant and gave birth to a son
Life was born, here comes the fun!
They called him Cain
She said from out of my pain
With the help of the Lord God
I have given birth to a little sod
Later on with Cain still shorter than a table
She gave birth to another and called him Abel

Now Abel was a man who looked after the flocks
Cain worked the soil, toiling amongst the rocks
After a while Cain grabbed some random bits of fruit
Offered it to the Lord, like he held him in disrepute
Abel took fat portions from the first born of his flock
He gave the best; God was not someone he wanted to mock
So God looked at Abel and his offering with ardour
But to Cain and his offering he looked with dis-favour
So Cain was very angry, his face a black cloud
Covered in rage like a death shroud

So God spoke to Cain and was pretty frank
This after all was discipline, not a think-tank
Why are you so angry, your face so dark?
If you do what is right won't you hit my mark?
But if you don't do what I set as the benchmark
Sin will crouch at your door, like a great white shark
Wanting to control you, so the choice is pretty stark
Control it's bite is worse than its bark
If you don't do it, your life will have no spark
And you will end up in a place that is forever dark

Cain then said to his brother Abel, hey let's take a stroll
Over yonder there by that grassy knoll
While they were in the fields Cain achieved his goal
Attacked Abel killed him and threw him in a hole

So God said to Cain please tell me where is your brother Abel
I'm sure you can tell me, I'm sure you're able

Cain replied, Sorry God you know I'm a heavy sleeper
What am I, am I my brother's keeper?

God didn't let Cain off the hook
In fact at him, he threw the whole book
Your brother's blood cries out from under the earth
To the place where you gave his body a berth
So you are under a curse, driven from this land
From which you murdered Abel with your own hand
You won't be able to grow a crop
Every time you try it will just flop
So you will roam the world a restless wandering soul
The rest of your life counting sin's toll

Cain was aghast
God, not so fast
This punishment I fear
Is so much more than I could ever bear
I'm driven from this land
Away from under your hand
I will wander the world like a restless flea
Whoever sees me they will surely kill me!

But God was pretty adamant
That he said is not the right sentiment
For whoever kills you, will suffer like leaven
Not merely like you but multiplied by seven
So God put a mark on Cain
So no one would kill him for gain
But rather just leave him in his shame and pain
So Cain departed from being under God's hand
Into Nod, east of Eden, he lived in this land.

Cain was with his wife and had sex with her
And she became pregnant we can concur
She had a baby and he was named Enoch
He was the new kid on the block
Cain was so excited, he built a city round the clock
And named it Enoch, after the first of his flock

Enoch then had a son, which was not too bad
He decided to name his little boy the name Irad
Irad became a dad as well
And named his son Mehujael
Mehujael became a dad, the family line he did not fail
He named his son Methushael
Methushael took to the parenting trek
Had a son, named him Lamech.

Lamech married two women, one was called Adah
The other wife, she was named Zillah.
Adah gave birth to a boy named Jabal
He was the father of those who lived in tents, and raised livestock, rather reminiscent of his descendant Abel
He had a brother Jubal was his name
The father of those who made music their game
Who played stringed instruments and pipes
Music in its original form, no gripes and no hype
Zillah also had a son Tubal-Cain was his name
Forging tools of bronze and iron was the name of his game
Tubal-Cain had a sister as well
Naamah was the name of this belle

Lamech gave a speech to his two wives
Listen to me with your whole lives
I killed a man who wounded me
He injured me don't you see
If Cain was to be avenged by God times seven
Then for me it will be times seventy seven

Adam had sexual relations with his wife once again
To try and replace Abel and his pain
She gave birth to a boy and called him Seth
God gave me a boy to replace Abel who Cain took to his death

Seth grew and in time had a son
Named him Enosh and so his family line begun

At that time people began to use well their words
They began to cry out and call upon the name of the Lord

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Three

Of all the animals and creatures that God had made

The snake was the craftiest the one that could persuade

He spoke to the woman in his cunning way

Starting by bringing in doubt, “Did God really say…?”

So he said to Eve, Did God really say

You must not eat from any tree in this majestic display?

Anything at all in this garden, it sounds like a harsh way?

Eve conversed with the serpent, telling him her story

Making it sound like she was reading an inventory

We can eat any fruit off any tree

That's plain can't you see

But of course there is that one

God said that it's not fun

He said don't eat from the tree in the middle of the garden

Don't even touch it, there is no pardon

Don't do it I'm telling you why

Cos if you do you will surely die

This crafty serpent, scoffed and mocked

And the word of God he just knocked

You won't die, you won't fry

You will be like God, just like him

You will go from a life that is dim and grim

To a life full of vim and have knowledge to the brim!

You will know the truth

Good and evil revealed, no more will you have to be a sleuth

So Eve she looked at this fruit, and saw it looked fantastic

It was good for food, not made of plastic

It looked great to the eye

Gave her a visual high

It also looked like it could make you wise

It was truly a majestic prize!

She took some of the fruit and had herself a feed

Then gave some to Adam, who was there, (silent indeed)

He made a crunch

And had a munch

Not even a doubt

Or a don't do it to shout!

With a whimper he ate

And was consigned to his fate

As they both realised the truth that opened the door

Their eyes were opened and they saw each others flaws

The concept of nudity

Was revealed in its crudity

Of clothes quickly made

Their feelings they tried to evade

From fig leaves, covering the body

Not looking grand, but rather shoddy

None of this doing did eliminate their frowns

As on top of their heads rested rebellion's crown

Then Adam and Eve heard the sound of feet

That once to them would have been so sweet

Now it had them totally beat

Where once seeing God gave them total joy

Now it made them scared stiff and looking for a decoy

The Lord God was taking a stroll, in the cool of the day

Through the beautiful garden, as was his way

Adam and Eve hid behind a tree

As if from their creator they could flee

But the Lord God was having none of this

He shouted out a call Adam couldn't miss

Adam, Adam, where are you?

Adam squeaked out an ineffectual reply

I heard you walking and I was scared and I'm telling you why

I realised I was naked

And you are totally sacred

So to this tree

I did flee

And I'm hiding

Because in your presence I can't be abiding

God asked the question that needed to be asked

Ripped away the words, telling Adam to become unmasked

Who told you these words?

You are naked? From whom have you heard?

You didn't break that one single rule

To which I told you would make you a fool?

Did you eat from that tree, that's not cool?

Adam was ready with his excuse

Like a speech bubble full of dead refuse

It was that woman you gave me

Before she came I didn't go near this tree

She gave me this fruit

She said it was better than loot

I mean I ate it, not a lot, just a little bit

I mean she pressured me, I was really feeling it

God turned to Eve, who was looking a little frazzled

God's awesome glory tends to leave one bedazzled

Especially when you know you have done wrong

The silence right then must have felt so long

So she did what Adam did, with clarity of thought

Blamed someone else, in an effort not to be caught

Hey you put that creeping serpent here

He tricked me made me full of this fear

I had no choice really to make

I ate but only because that serpent was a fake

So God started with the serpent, the crafty snake

Who totally knew what was now at stake

He had not spoken a word, he was totally silent

He knew God's judgment was potentially violent

You are cursed above all the other animals

You will crawl on your belly, like the lowest of criminals

All the days of your life, you will eat dust

In you no one will ever put their trust

Between you and the woman their will be hatred and strife

And to her offspring, the one she gives his life

And he is going to smash your head

Like you were dead

You will bruise his heel

A wound we will all feel

To the woman he spoke

Now this is no joke

You will have much pain when you give birth

It will be severe an absence of mirth

You will long to be like your husband

But that wish will be continually bludgeoned

As he rules over you

There will be no coup

Finally he turned to Adam, who was looking to the ground

His rebellion and sin had been found

He said you listened to your wife

Now you will have trouble and strife

You ate from the tree

You are no longer free

Now the ground that you need to grow your food

Is cursed and rocky, difficult to find something to extrude

You will eat from it but it won't be easy 

Hard work and toil will make you more than queasy

There will be thorns and thistles

Taking away your happy whistles

And by the sweat on your forehead

You will eat your food until you are dead

You were formed from a pile of dust

And you will return as an old crust  

That's not a maybe, no that is a must

Adam named his wife Eve

Not Hildegarde, Mavis or even Steve

He said this name to you I am giving

Because you will be the mother of all living

So God made them something to wear

Garments of skin, because he is very fair

God said now man has become one like us

Knowing good and evil, it could get sus

We can't now let him eat from the tree of life

Or there will be nothing but trouble and strife

He must not be allowed to live forever

In his current state, that will be never

So God kicked him out from the garden of paradise

He said you can't live here – it's just no dice

So God placed a bouncer to the gardens gate

On the east side, a cherubim, stronger than a steel plate

He had with him a flaming sword

Blocking any access to the tree of life's reward

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Two

So the heavens and the earth
Were more just than given birth
They were replete, totally complete,
Yes indeed, it was a monumental feat.

So it was day seven
And God said like a little taste of heaven
Will I make this day
This after all is my way
My work is done,
Let's have some fun.
This is not a test,
It's time for some rest.

So God said to day Seven,
Give everyone a taste of heaven
For you are a holy day,
Because on you it was in rest that I did stay.

So that my friend is creation's song.
To not be reflecting on this, well that be just plain wrong

So now I'm going to tell you the story again,
So it may just stick into your brain.
This is the story of the heavens and the earth,
How God created them and gave them birth,
Listen up now and hear the words
Block you ears and you be just nerds.

This was when there were no shrubs, no plants,
The earth she be barren, empty even of ants.
This was because God had never sent rain
And there was no one to work the plain.
But from another source water was found of course
Streams came from out of the earths crust,
Watering the ground, bringing life to dry dust

Then God, the Lord of Heaven and earth,
Created something of great worth,
He formed a man from a handful of mere dust,
And into this sculpture, his life giving breath he thrust.
And awake, alive,
A being did rise.
From the hand and breath of God man was created, made,
He was mere dust but with the ultimate upgrade.

Now God had himself the best place on the planet,
A garden of beauty and full of life not made of granite.
He called it Eden, and it was in the East,
It was a place to rest, to love God, to live life and in it feast.

The Lord God, he made the garden a visual delight,
With trees that were perfect to see, and full of fruit to bite.
Smack bang in the centre of it all.
Two trees stood very proud and very tall,
One of these was the tree of life,
The other was destined to cause more strife
The tree of the knowledge of good and evil its name
It is known well and has its share of fame.
There was a river flowing from out of Eden
Twisting its way through the garden,
Into four ways it did split,
The water to its course did submit.

The first was the Pishon, winding through the land of Havilah,
Located there be gold, oh year bring on the moolah.
The gold in that place be really grand,
You want to touch it, grab it with your hand.
Onyx is also all about,
In good supply there is no doubt.

The second then was Gihon, it winds its way through Cush,
There's plenty of time, you can just float, no need to push.

The third is the Tigris, running on the east of Ashur,
Running quite quickly through, a bit of a dasher

The fourth river, the one which is listed last,
The Euphrates, arguably the best known of this cast

God took the man he had made,
Put him in the garden where he then stayed.
God said to him,
With surely a little grin,
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work you go,
And he explained the rules all just so.
Look after this place,
Be good to this space,
Eat from any tree you like,
This is not the place for a hunger strike
The Fruit it's all yours,
With the exception of the one, that will cause wars.
I'm talking about the tree with the knowledge of good and evil,
It's about as good for you as feasting on a decomposed weevil.
Don't go there, don't eat it. Not even for a snack,
Or your life will be over, from that there is no coming back.
You will not be sitting resting forever in the sweet by and by,
My friend, have no doubt, you will surely die.

Now God said, this is not so good,
For this man to be alone, that's understood,
So I will make someone for him,
To be his soul mate his helper, for the win,

So from out of the ground God made animals wild,
And birds, to fly in the sky, to glide.
He took them to the man,
And said here's the plan.
Name these, tell me what you think they should be called
Whatever you say, that name will be installed.

Let's get chillin’ with Dylan:-
So man, gave names to all the animals,
In the beginning, in the beginning,
Man gave names to all the animals,
In the beginning, long time ago.

But for Adam, by the way the man's actual name, 
Being the first man, was his claim to fame,
For him, of all the creatures from the ground,
Not a single soul mate could be found.

So God made Adam have a deep sleep,
And from out of him, a rib he did keep,
He closed up the hole,
And made it whole,
And made a woman from the rib,
And took her to Adam's crib

Adam could have had a nasty fright,
But no way, he was filled with delight,
You and me may have said Hubba Hubba!!
But Adam was more eloquent learning from his Abba.

Adam said she's part of me, my bones my flesh,
When we are together we will mesh,
She will be called woman,
Cos she came out of man

So if you ever wondered why a man left his folks,
And stopped hanging out with all of the other blokes,
Read this above, it shows how man and woman become one,
United together for the long run

Adam and his wife, she be called Eve
Were naked but that was not a concept they could perceive,
They did not spend time in worry and grieve,
To the Lord God and each other they did cleave.