Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Genesis Chapter One

Right from the very start of time,
God created it all like a seamless rhyme
To heaven and Earth
He gave them birth

The earth was empty without shape and form
Darkness hovering over the deep in a massive swarm
But over the waters the Spirit was there brewing up a storm

God spoke, his words convey the truth of the fight
He said let there be light
And bang there it was, and ever so bright.

God saw that it was totally in the zone,
He said this is looking more like a home,
And then he said to the light you go this a-way
And to the darkness you go that a-way
And so he said to the light you are the day
And to the darkness, he said no light it's all right
You my friend, you are the night.

So that was the end of the first day
With God in control all the way.

So then God again spoke his word
He didn't have to get attention to be heard
The waters were to become apart
And it was so like a work of fine art
The water on the earth and the water in the heaven
Were basically separated, torn apart, you could say they were riven
It created a big space
A vast expanse, a massive place
And God without a beat, like he didn't even try.
Said hey you know what I think I'll call that the sky!

So that was the end of the second day
With God in control all the way.

Then God saw all this water everywhere
And he said hey that ain't so fair
So he gathered all the water in its rightful space
And dry ground appeared in its rightful place.

And God said this dry ground I'm calling it land
Believe me this stuff it ain't bland.
And then he said the waters well see
It's obvious I'm calling it these seas.

God said thats way cool, 
Not let's put in some growth, 
Cos we not going to leave it barren like some fool.

So God spoke and said vegetation come from the land
Let it be like music from a unified band.
Trees producing seeds, and trees producing fruit.
After their own kind, because God you know, he's very astute.

So that was the end of the third day
With God in control all the way.

So God said things are great they are more than all right
So now we're going to put something in the sky to separate the day and the night.
They will help mark the seasons, sacred times.
Days, years, passages of passing time.

So God made two great lights
Number one ruled the day
Number two ruled the night.
This was done without any fight.
But God wasn't done just like that
He placed in the sky something just phat

Shiny things that God then called stars,
And they shine in the sky, like some conundrum
But if the sun and the moon are the piano and the drums,
Then these stars in the band are the guitars.

So that was the end of the fourth day
With God in control all the way.

So then God said let the waters be filled
Teeming with living creatures, make me thrilled.
And to the sky he said don't be barren with nothing
Or the seas they be leaving you all blushing
So just like that and not in the by and by
All sorts of creatures they be flying in the sky.
The waters were teeming with life great and small.
The sky likewise had winged birds of all kinds, yo it had it all!

God said this is just kicking it
But I gotta tell you just a little bit
Go now through all the earth,
Be fruitful, multiply, yeah go and give birth.

So that was the end of the fifth day
With God in control all the way.

So then God spoke to the land
Let's get some life don't talk to the hand
So after their own kind we had the beasts which were wild
The livestock, which was really kind of mild,
And the one's that creep along the ground, they can kind of leave you feeling a little bit beguiled.
So God said it and it was so
For when he speaks it is all go.
God said hey this is all so cool,
What we need now is someone to rule.

Then God said let's create people in our likeness, our image,
That means people created without any damage.
They will rule over the fishes in the seas,
The birds in the sky and the little buzzing bees,
They will rule over the horses, cows and the sheep,
The wild beasts and the animals that don't walk but creep.

So God did it, without a fuss,
Ain't no chance of him missing this bus.
He created the blokes, the fellers, the guys
And he created the girls, the chicks, his beautiful prize.
He then said to you I bless,
Go now don't be making a mess,
Go and rule over birds, animals and the like,
Eat the fruit and the plants, whatever is ripe.
God said don't let this be an empty earth,
Subdue it, fill it, go and give birth.

God looked back at all he had made,
And said that's just awesome, and it's all hand made!

So that was the end of the sixth day
With God in control all the way.

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