Thursday, May 12, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Nine

Noah and his sons did God richly bless
One thing he really wanted to impress
Go out, don’t slumber and don’t you cry
Be fruitful, increase yes, multiply
From now all the animals and all the beasts
They will fear you as a threat, as you see them as meat
They will not be looking at you and thinking the best
No, rather, around you they will never rest
The birds in the sky, the fish in the sea
All the creeping animals that you can see
All of these into your hands will be
Everything and anything for you will be food
Just like the plants, they be just as good
You now have it all
From the great to the small

But you must not be eating any meat
Where the blood of life gives a beat
For your own blood I will demand a reckoning
This is a demand not a beckoning
This accounting is for every animal
For anything abnormal to abysmal
And this a demand to all humans as well
I demand an account for every human life you fell

Whoever takes human blood
Will be dragged through metaphorical mud
If there is someone else’s life you have acquired
Your life in response will be required
For God created man in his own image
There is in him completely no damage

I tell you again where I want you to commit
Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, increase upon it

Then God spoke to Noah and to his sons
I’m telling you now you are the ones
I establish with you a covenant
I want you to be supplicant, not live in puzzlement
So pass it on to your descendants
All of those who are your dependants
And not just them, but to all the animals on the ark
From those who roar and hiss to those that bark
So I tell you my covenant now
I know you are wondering what is the how
Never again will all life be destroyed by a flood
Never again will the earth be submerged in water and mud

And so to mark our covenant I leave you a sign
For you, for all creatures with you, for people of all time
The sign of the covenant between the earth and me
Well this is what it will be
In the clouds, a rainbow a multi-coloured arc
Reminding you of the flood, and the ark
Whenever this rainbow in the sky does appear
You can live in comfort and not fear
For you know that when I see it I will remember
The covenant we have together, this is my endeavour

So God summarised all this to his main man Noah
This is, in our composition., the ultimate coda

So the three children of Noah, we tell you again
Were Shem, Ham and Japheth all of them men
(The father of Canaan was the one named Ham
This is just a little fact, not a piece of spam.)
To them many descendants were given birth
They were the people who were scattered all over the earth

So Noah who by natural trade was a man of the soil
Did not allow time to be his foil
Straight way he planted himself a vineyard
Got himself some wine and drank without regard
He got himself totally wiped out drunk
As drunk as that proverbial skunk
And so was lying in his abode
Sans all clothes, not even a robe
Ham, Canaan’s old man, had a good look and to his bro’s he did pander
Hey dad’s all stark naked go and take a gander!
Shem and Japheth were not so delirious
They were far more serious
To their father Noah they were in fact salubrious
They grabbed a piece of cloth
And avoided their father’s wrath
They walked in backwards and covered him
Their faces turned away, not acting on any whim
They did not see their father naked
To him this was against everything sacred

When Noah awoke from his drunken slumber
He found out what Ham had done and was filled with thunder
Cursed be Canaan his voice did roar
He is the one I hereby deplore
Amongst his brothers he will be the lowest slave
In him there is nothing that is brave

And then he had more things to say
Nothing was going to stop him on this day

Praise be to the Lord, the God of Shem
For his descendants, may Canaan be a slave to them
And as for Japheth, may God increase his land
Guiding him by his mighty hand
May Japheth live in the tents of Shem
And may Canaan be the slave of them

After the time of the flood had passed
Noah lived on and 350 more years were amassed
Then after a grand total of 950 years in all
Like the way of all men to death he did fall

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