Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Six

So as the world began to increase in population

Here on earth there developed an interesting situation

The daughters of men

Who were born to them

Were being gazed upon

It was the sons of God who were looking on

Saw they were beautiful, totally spot-on

And they married whoever they wanted

Picked anyone, they were not daunted

God was pretty angry with all this

God felt this was the opposite of bliss

Something was really totally amiss

So he said my Spirit can't contend with this for so long 

They are mortal, they die, these are the lyrics to their song

They shall now live to but one hundred and twenty

And even that number of years is totally plenty

So have you ever heard of these dudes, the Nephilim?

Let me tell you of them, I'll skim through their hymn

These dudes were around in these days,

And afterwards, for a little ways

They were the offspring of the sexual liaisons

Between man's daughters and God's sons

These men can only be described as the heroes of old

Brave, and renowned, truly men that were bold

God looked around at the world in its total degradation

Evil sin and greed before God in total condemnation

The very thought of evil was their only inclination

From their very heart, it was their recreation

The Lord was in mourning that he had ever made man

He was so troubled; he was developing a new game plan

So he said, seriously this just has not worked out

Maybe I'll just wipe out the lot of them, in one big rout

I'll get rid of all the animals and birds as well

Just destroy the lot in one great brief farewell

But as he was going to speak destructive words

Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord

So let me tell you the story of this Noah and his kin

He was a top notch bloke, not a man devoted to sin

He was righteous, blameless, faithful to his God

When other people all around were with God living roughshod

He understood the need to faithfully follow his Lord

He was also a family man

Had three sons, Japeth, Shem and Ham

The earth was totally corrupt in God's sight 

He looked around to him it was a blight

The world was full of ugly violence

Never ever giving God any obeisance

For all the people had corrupted their ways

Living in this evil all of their days

So God spoke to Noah, his one true man

And explained to him his major plan

He said I've had enough of all this rough stuff 

I'm getting rid of the lot of them, this is no bluff

So I'm going to destroy them, and this earth

Seriously my friend it does lack worth

So get ready and make yourself an ark

For on my mission you will embark

Make it out of Gopher wood

That material will really be good

Coat it with pitch on the inside and out

Follow my instructions, don't live in doubt

So how you will build it listen to me my man

For now I will tell you the total blue plans

The ark will be three hundred and fifty cubits long

Fifty cubits wide, thirty high, that is the rest of that song

Let a roof for the ark now be found

Leave one cubit below the roof an opening all the way around

Put a door in the side of the ark

And make three decks for that is my bench mark

So now I am going to bring the world's greatest ever flood 

They will be swamped with water, mud, and other crud

Everything on earth is destined to perish

Barring you and your family who I truly cherish

So I establish with you a covenant

So be listening and accepting, don't be truculent

You will enter the ark with your wife, and your sons

They will bring their wives, my rescue will be done

So you have a job to do now

Get some animals for your journey, from the sow to the cow

Two of all living birds, wild beasts, of all the animals alive

That is the way they will survive

You need to take all kinds of food to eat

Salty, savoury, sour, and sweet

Store the food for you and for them, store it away

Save it for a truly rainy day

Noah was obedient, following the light,

Everything God said to do, he got it 100% right

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