Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Seven

So God spoke to Noah, his man
He said it's time to get in the ark, yes you can!
You, and all your immediate relations
Because I have found you righteous in your generation

Take the animals that you know are clean
Take seven pairs that's fourteen
A male and its mate
Bring them both through the gate
Those animals who you know are unclean
Take one pair of them, and be keen
Take seven pairs of all the different birds
Keep them alive, that's the word
That you need to have heard

In just seven days
I will fulfill my word in all its ways
The earth will be filled with rain
For the world, it will be filled with sorrow and pain

The rain will come down for forty days and nights
Leaving many people with much more than a mere fright
Every living creature than I have made
Is destined from their existence to fade
So Noah obeyed God in everything
Whatever God said he did, with in his very steps a spring

Noah was 600 years when the floodwaters hit the earth
Preparing for a flood as he celebrated the day of his birth
He entered the ark with his family to escape the flood
And all the animals came two by two to save their blood
Clean and unclean, and animals that creep on the ground
If you looked through the ark they would all be found
This was just as God told Noah it would all go down
And sure enough seven days later the rains did come down

So in the six hundredth year of Noah's life
The world was about to face real trouble and strife
On the 17th of the 2nd was the actual date
God was on time, he's never early or late
The springs of the great deep all burst forth
Shooting water south, west, east and north
And the flood gates of heaven opened their doors
Pouring rain for 40 days smashing everything to the core
Mass destruction, more than the severest of wars
On that very day, when the sky became gray
And rain began to pour down in a heavy way
Noah and his wife, and Shem, Ham, and Japeth
Together with their wives, boarded the ark, to avoid death
With them were all the animals and birds and the one's that creep along the ground.
All the pairs of animals they had found
They all came to Noah to enter the ark
Knowing their choice was pretty stark
The animals were male and female of every living thing
Exactly what God told Noah to bring
Then with a bang, a loud noise erupted, was it a war?
No, it was God, shutting them in, he was closing the door

For forty days the flood kept rising, way, way, up
The ark floated, in the swirling waters, like a tea cup
Soon even the tallest mountains went under
Thinking you'd escape by climbing them was a total blunder
The water was so high; it went over the highest mountain peak
By a distance of fifteen cubits, this was not a small creek!

Every living thing that was not in the ark
They perished, died, wiped out. No more sparks
Birds, livestock, wild animals, the creatures that swim
And all of mankind, from the big to the slim
The clever to the dim
Everything on earth that had the breath of life
Died, cut down by a metaphorical knife
The only one who was left anywhere, was old Noah
And his family in the ark, rescued from the first Shoah

And the waters did flood the earth for 150 days long
Floating in the ark where it was safe and strong

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